Power Surge Protection in Hydropower

power surge protector in Hydro Power Stations 

Power protection in hydro power stations is essential in preventing lighting and electrical storms from impacting these venues. In fact, a power surge protector defends against electrical surges and spikes in electricity throughout power plants. These units even protect generators and transformers -- especially those located near bodies of water that are needed for optimal hydropower. These components are also known as surge arresters, and play an instrumental role in protecting equipment from over-voltage.

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Protection Designs

Protection designs in the UK vary between different power plants and stations. Similarly, they are designed to facilitate the unique needs of different sites and regions across the country. However, most protectors are built on templates that reflect the immediate and long-term needs of each hydro-station. When installed and implemented correctly, the result is maximum protection against existing over-voltage and stress. Here are some more essential of these units for power plants and hydro-stations -- domestically and abroad:

- Surge arresters are usually mounted in front of generators. These keeps the generators safe from electrical spikes, while preventing units from breaking down and causing wiring or components to spill over into nearby bodies of water.

- Surge capacitors are designed to keep electrical flows at safe levels.

- Surge units even reduce the over-voltage gradients -- especially when surge capacitors become excessive in respective hydropower plants.

Protection for Sensitive Equipment

Hydro-plants are known to have sensitive equipment and components. This includes generators, along with conductors and transformers. Each of these units are responsible for producing electricity and power, which is essential in maintaining continuous flows of energy for residential, commercial or industrial applications. However, most hydroplants also have sensitive equipment underground, which are connected via pipes, tubes, wiring and even lines for water disposal or recycling.

With this in mind, protection units also protect ground wiring and components for power plants. In fact, they help prevent interference between units, while ensuring electricity and energy flow to and from their desired locations. At any time, electrical spikes or over-voltage can spill over and seriously cause irreparable harm and damages to conductors and transformers. This is why protectors are used, which are key in defending equipment, parts and components from getting "fried" or even spilling over an causing mass problems with on-site water retention ponds or nearby bodies of water.

These are some of the reasons why protectors are important for hydro-plants across the UK. You can learn more about the important of surge arresters by visiting Google -- or simply contacting your local power plants.